Saturday, May 16, 2009


Living in the literal kingdom God has been true to His word; beyond my imagination. What a weirdly wonderful life I've been dealt. The friend leaned over last week as he was to introduce me just before my class at Pepperdine; And, you got your undergraduate degree where? I feel sure I disappointed him when I told him I didn't have one. Preston Road School of Preaching was my best offer....and it is now defunct.

But the life---the abundant life---Jesus provides keeps my head swimming in both wonder and gratitude. This afternoon I watched the Preakness. There was Bob Costas doing an interview and it threw my mind back to the first game we played at Busch Stadium at the Cardinal Legends Camp. Costas was the shortstop on my team.

Remember the check I took to my donut shop last week to buy coffee and donuts for the newly established Pentecostal Spanish church up the street? This morning I was in visiting with them. This afternoon three of their men came by to evaluate some work I need done at the house.

Tonight an old Patsy Cline movie is running. References to her friend Loretta Lynn throws my mind back to times of working with Loretta; especially when she was down and wanted everyone to leave the bus so we could talk. Loretta talked to me about losing Patsy and how she still misses her. While Loretta remains a star, I feel sorry for her because her life has been one where she has often been the pawn of family and friends. I love her dearly.

God lets me live in a world which touches an incredibly wide range of personalities and there is no explanation or justification except to say He lets me.

But another factor must be noted. I wonder how many men and women have passed through life and had the imagination to try but those around them cooled those dreams with doubting and discouraging words.

So I thank my Memorial Drive family and my own family for possessing the goodness about them to let me try. I live a surreal life because few people tried to throw cold water on ridiculous ideas....which just might work.

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Bill said...

Thanks for sharing this, Terry. I appreciate so much the fact that you obviously give God both the credit and the glory for opening so many doors for you.