Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been blessed over the years to work with sets of elderships which carried one basic and good trait. There seems to be a code among them to keep quiet; especially when under attack and blame. I've sat in on some very intense meetings. Later I've listened to some very demonstrative talk by others against their leadership. I've kept quiet as I learned it well from the elders...for they do the same.

Many members talk of how difficult shepherding is as if they are supportive....until their direction doesn't match some who wish things to go differently. It a strange thing; being a leader in a system which allows sinners the grace to serve again and again. Oddly, the self-righteous struggle with such positions. The murder they commit with their hateful words toward brothers seems not to bother such chatterers in the least. But it should.

Bill Fowler, long-time elder at Memorial many moons ago, once told me; Look you go in there and preach the Word of God and don't bring this up. I'll take care of it. I did and he did.

Talk rattles on by the weak and immature. But the good leaders resemble Jesus at this point as much as any part of His ministry when they take intense criticism while keeping their mouths shut.

Good for you---any leader among us---who can care for the people while receiving random shots in the process. The hits you take advances the kingdom and brings justice to many who, otherwise, would never receive it. Much of our disruption could be avoided if what Jesus describes as murder-talk could be avoided.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding "murder-talk", I recently heard a speaker say about attitudes, "You can't go to heaven if you've got hell in your heart!"