Sunday, April 19, 2009


God shows up. Everywhere we turn, God is there. Some believe that, like preachers, He only works one day a week. Both do more (do I seem defensive?). He's done it again....and may I say in a most impressive way.

Mary Watkins is a newbie at Memorial Drive. We found Mary in our church's food pantry as her money had run out of month. Mary, with a husky voice, needed help in oh so many ways. Two of our workers in the pantry, David and Lisa Combs, began to shepherd Mary as she was so very alone. They took her groceries, brought her to church, drove her to the doctor, and moved her from apartment to apartment as demands arose.

Mary had straggly hair and no teeth. With a walker she would inch her way into our assemblies and talk during much of them. She had a lot of struggles. Mary was an alcohol and drug addict. A few weeks ago she was baptized into Christ and started life over. She continued her addiction battle but did so with a new family (church family) that exchanged smiles upon every encounter. Although she had severe health struggles her heart was light in the sheer joy of belonging to somebody

Mary died last night. That is a sweet and sour statement. She suffered so much and now suffers no more. This woman had a very hard life. She looked 75.

Mary was only 53. We will forever be blessed at her passing by our church and accepting us as we are.


Stoogelover said...

This is what it's all about ... or should be. I can't be involved in Memorial Drive's ministry, but I'm going to love it in heaven hearing all the stories!

Patti said...

Thank you! What a blessing her story will be to so many. Thanks to all of you at Memorial who choose to follow Jesus in being LIGHT in a dark dark world. Mary is so grateful!