Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Religion is to the spirit what Hitler was to Europe. It rapes and robs otherwise decent people of their center by forcing them to adhere to the drumbeat of sheer quacks. Religion, as was of Hitler, is the deathbed of human hearts. And, yes as surely Hitler had a good trait even James calls us to observe pure and undefiled religion. It's those impure and defiled parts which swallow entire souls in one big gulp that I now reference.

Let's get this part clear. Religion killed Jesus; it nailed him to the cross with the greatest of obnoxious pride. Religion rides on the coat sleeves of the church and does great damage as soon as Christianity enters any room. We must be aware of ourselves.

Did Jesus come to give us religion and religion abundantly? Or, does the Bible say he came to give us life and life abundantly? The latter. How often I've had "I can't stand organized religion" thrown in my face. Well, I'm a step ahead my friend. I can't even stand unorganized religion. God didn't give us religion. He gave us Jesus.....and Jesus give us life.

Now at times Jesus must be understood to be stiffer than religion. For instance, how do you think his good friend felt when Jesus said, "Get behind me Satan"? Rather frank, don't you think? So Jesus isn't a pushover; but he pushes back.....against religion. That's why they had to kill him. He was exposing their fake and phony ritualistic ruts.

If you struggle with being close to God or knowing about God there is great reason. There is abundant religious venom out there which attacks the nerve endings of the heart. It hides in preachers like me and churches like mine. However, please believe me when I tell you that a great amount of people are doing our best to climb out of this hell-hole called religion and offer the entire world the bright shining light of the uplifting son of God.

And quite frankly...we could use your help instead of your criticism.


Anonymous said...

Good blog posts from my perspective are.
-True to Jesus.
Excellent thoughts brother. Amen!
Larry in Denver

thetimehascome said...

As the kids on the bus say, “I feel what you’re saying,” Terry. I always feel like we need more adjectives when describing "religion". When reading your post about "religion" these words, for example, came to mind in terms of kind of religion you address: extremist, bitter, self-righteous, pharisaic, mind-numbing, misguided, loveless, angry, ungodly, traditionalist, judgmental, knee-jerk, defensive...just to name a few. I think too often these are the baggage we attach to "religion." I do wonder, however, if those of us fed up with such "religion" don't do just as much harm when we start dropping the adjectives and start taking like "religion" is always as described by the adjectives above. James uses "religion" in a very different way. He, it seems to me, doesn't denigrate "religion" but rather religion which fits those descriptors. Religion which loves the lonely, shelters the homeless, mentors the parentless, embraces the left behind widow, and shows the heart of Christ in all its ways is only a good thing. In other words, is it religion that's bad, or just the religion too many of us seem to practice that's the problem? James showed us a redemptive, loving religion in the way of Christ, maybe we need to redeem the word "religion" instead of letting the "religionistas" take the term captive and continue to heap baggage on people that can’t be carried.

Hope that doesn't seem picky. I'm not at all disagreeing with what you said. I just think sometimes I weary of giving up good words that have potential to carry good ideas because of the bad baggage we too often associate with them. Religion is one of those. I'd love to start seeing people have enough good experiences among us (Christians) that the word begins to see redemption itself, so that when people hear "religion" they think of all the widows, orphans, and others in need who have come to see the face of Jesus in a loving embrace and a cup of cold water. That is religion to our God, and I pray it will be to us as well.

Christi said...

GREAT way to differentiate between spirituality and religion, as there are VAST differences. Again, beautiful post!

Pttyann said...

Wonderful post Terry and I do ask God to help you out of that pit of religion and to continue leading and guiding you into all of his truth.You are doing such a good job here in your Blog post thanks for sharing I am being blessed.
Love in Christ Pat

Stoogelover said...

There was a popular slogan years ago something to the effect, "I love Jesus, but I hate religion." I've seen (and experienced this in myself) many people opt to serve the Lord and leave the church out of the equation. That doesn't ring true with the "Body of Christ" but it's very difficult to find the Body amidst all the religious churches.

Lynn Wiltshire said...

Although I know church people are imperfect, I also think some people use "organized religion" as an excuse not to seek out Jesus and his church. I hope we continue to be authentic so that this excuse will have no weight. As we get out of the way, Jesus can form his body into what he wants. A really great preacher, named Terry, made me realize this. Lynn Wiltshire

India Journeymen said...

Well said, brother! Amen, Amen Amen!
Daryl in Tulsa