Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Even though all may fall away because of You, I will never fall away.

Peter honestly thought he loved the Lord more than the other followers. He could see “them” failing but not himself. You know how the conversation continued. Jesus retorted, before the cock crows you shall deny me three times.

Peter could see it in others but had no awareness of his own weakness. We can see it in Peter but do we have awareness of our own?

Every servant must walk upon his or her own eggshells lest we, too, believe we are more committed to truth, more wise in perception, and more effective in work. We are all terribly marred by sin. We are cowards who tend to talk big in meetings. We are visionaries with spiritual glaucoma when it comes to evangelism.

Yes, Peter never dreamed he was as small-minded, small-committed to Jesus as everyone else. He was a brave imaginer in coward’s clothing. So it is with me…and you….and all.

Take on the great opportunities which lie in front of you with awareness it is not a wise thing to work critical of any other. Each of us will fold under pressure except by the grace and mercy of the One who strengthens.


Liz Moore said...

Very well said. Thank you for the reminder!

phil said...

Perhaps our cowardice is rooted in our misunderstanding and lack of trust in God (which we all have). In other words, we too, when we face the mysteries of God or evangelistic opportunities, can be like the Israelites when facing Goliath; we tremble out of fear and want to return to our tents (churches?). However, re-reading the words of David: “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine who defies the army of the living God” should be a verse that reminds us all that we truly do still serve a “living God.” And the more this truth shines in our thoughts and through our actions, I believe the less we will see the shade of our cowardice.

Brenda said...

Sometimes it's so hard to see it in ourselves until others whom we trust point it out. And just when we think we are doing better, we are reminded of how much of a coward we really are.

I use to walk on the eggshells of others, but not my own. Someone elses egg shells are ususally far more important. Such backward thinking.

I am a coward. And a dumb one at that. I don't talk big in meetings because I don't know what to say that sounds intelligent. I don't quote a ton of scripture, because I don't know any. And in fact, I often find myself admiring those big talkers and others who are far more gifted in areas than I will ever be. Talk about cowardly!

What did the lion ask for? Courage and Nerve.

What would we be like if we were brave enough to ask for the courage we needed to face God and deal with the real issues at hand.

You will only find betrayal when you seek the courage of others rather than yourself and from the Father. He is the only one true place where we can find courage and the ability to believe in ourselves.

If we fail all the time, then we will succeed everytime we rise and glorify Him.