Saturday, October 18, 2008


This has been a great week. I am blessed to know special people. With advanced technology I can even be in touch with many who read this blog when neither of us know the other. These times are fascinating, indeed.

But the reason I am really encouraged is the wonder of God which I have gotten to study this week. Do you get it that we are directly connected to the real, legitimate, river-parting, grave-ruining God? Do you understand we are involved in the world of the above ground (that's in comparison to the underground)? God has so much to teach us. It's buried in such a thin little volume; yet continues to flow like Niagara.

I'm absolutely wowed at learning. I can't wait for tomorrow to get here for me to trim away the threads of His input and actually prepare to deliver what I've learned from Him. I've not forgotten my days of knowing nothing about God. Once converted I struggled to understand. In preaching school I couldn't get the teachings to connect. To me the Bible was disjointed; too difficult for a slow reader to muddle through. But somewhere along the way, He began to connect the dots and He's been on a roll with me ever since.

I don't look for good lessons to teach. I look for life to teach. I don't scan the Bible for three good points. I want to know what He's up to. Every week I measure whether I have a worthwhile sermon. It's easy to determine. If I have learned something new, I have something to say. If I haven't learned anything, why would I think they would?

I've told God a lot lately, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. That's how I feel. Nations and centuries of people have known a lot of very important things. Those of us who know God know the good stuff!


Patti said...

Wow! You are so right! Amazingly, what's happening there in Tulsa is happening here in New Jersey and many places across this world. I am so amazed at our deeply loving, actively leading, omnipresent God and Savior. He lives!

Liz Moore said...

Amen!! Sunday's coming!