Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am looking forward to speaking at the Prayer Seminar in Calhoun, Louisiana which begins September 12. Keith Roberts and his crew have served an enthusiastic brotherhood well by teaching faithfully and thoroughly about prayer.

Come to think of it, most likely you and some around you need to get out of town. As a matter of fact I imagine some in the church wish you would get out of town. Well, why not round up a group of two or twenty-five and hit the highway for Calhoun?

Mountains? Oh, I was just kidding. But I'm not kidding that this Prayer Seminar might just be the ticket for a boost in the work where you serve.

Where is Calhoun, Louisiana? I would say it is fairly centered between New York, Los Angeles, and Cozumel. Not sure.....but might be.


Anonymous said...

Brother Terry, I want to put you on to a website that you may love to go to and send others too as well. Dennis and Betty Jo Conner are a Big part of a ministry entitled Called to Serve - Prayer Ministry - Building A House Of Prayer based on Matthew 21:13.

They are "Prayer Coaches" who lead seminars in churches and I think you would love to know much more about their ministry.

Please let me know what you think. I would love for you to be introduced to the both of them.

Their web address is .

God Bless, your brother in Christ, Jim Cooke - Midland, TX

Mark said...

This is not really on topic, but I couldn't find your email address, so I'll share my comments with all your readers. I want to thank you for sending me the 100% Natural Evangelism DVDs. I've been using them this summer on Wednesday nights and a most amazing thing has happened: we have more people every week. Our people are loving this series. Thanks again.

Lee Keele said...

Hi Terry,

check out this tool if you have a chance.

johndobbs said...

well...there are HILLS in Calhoun. I plan to be there.