Sunday, June 29, 2008


We have had such a tremendous day at Memorial. I just love getting to be a part of a happy and productive group. My day started as always with a few guys at 7:30 to pray for an hour. That's a must for me. If I don't get with Him and them, it won't be as good of a day.

Interacting with the many members is a privilege I always note as special. This morning I sat briefly before class to visit with Amelia May. She is one of Memorial's living angels and everyone would amen me on that. Our conversation was a gift from above. We discussed how to think positively in challenging times and I got so much from our talk.

The assembly was terrific....again! Craig Hicks spent a good amount of time recognizing each of our members who served in the military. Linda Scott had a small gift handed out by the children for each honoree. Then, Brad Scott announced VBS plans including a fashion show of the past ten years' VBS t-shirts and the revelation of this year's!

Our whole morning from greetings to class to worship was a party! We love being together and watching for God to work. Several requested we pray for them at the invitation. Three were baptized with anticipation for a fourth.

Our people are grateful, enthused, and struck with a clear case of joy to the Highest!

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Brenda said...

Today did seem like one big party! And I don't think everything was quite planned that least not by us!