Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I wonder just how much division assumed to be in our brotherhood is based on the real understanding of the judged injury. Assessment would seem accurate to believe there are multiple gullies and caverns which separate us. Yet, I wonder. I meet too many who wouldn’t agree with me on some things as they seem to wear certain hats (depending on which elders and preachers are around), but are most kind and hospitable when we can visit in private. Could it be division’s roar doesn’t have as many teeth as it would prefer assumed?

I wonder if our biggest threat to unity might be inferences made unnecessarily simply due to reckless chattering winds in the air. Is it not true we have members in diverse camps that will bristle at the drop of a certain name or doctrinal stance as if against them, but don’t know enough about scripture to teach their neighbor how to know Jesus… the last forty years? Is it true, then, that much of our division might be based on inference without actual knowledge; hearsay without definite testimony; rumor without the courage to confirm?

Due to the roaring warnings of a few who seem to enjoy personal attention as leaders of random packs, could it be that much of our division is because some of those who claim the loudest to go by the Bible eventually went deaf to God’s Word which pleads for hope, possibility, and brotherly love? Is there a chance God’s people have split the sheets because unfair bias ruled…in print….repeatedly?

At first look, it appears standing against has surpassed standing for? But, now I wonder. You know, we just can’t help it if we disagree. Such goes on inter-congregationally as well as intra-congregationally. But there is something like Christ about it when we can do so with respect and love for one another in the process. Regarding our reasons for division? I don’t believe us. I think we are insincere with a touch of dishonesty for a lot that our fellowship won’t allow to go on between us. It could be it feels safer to counter our brothers whom we seem not to fear rather than encounter our God-seeking neighbors.

Strong division among us? Yes, there is an element. However, much of it may be unnecessarily inferred.


Stoogelover said...

So often when I read your blogs (which is every day!) I wonder what in the world is going on in your world that you would write this ... and often I pray for you! Yours is an interesting life. A very interesting life.

Terry Rush said...

Hey Greg (aka Stoogelover),

What I write about doesn't necessarily reflect what's going on with me. I give diligence to think about what our guys and gals are facing "out there". My world is a cup of tea compared to what some face. I merely write with "us" in mind. Sometimes it will be from what I'm experiencing...if I think it to be useful.

But mainly, I write from what I think God might say to those soldiers out there doing wonderful battle for the greatest cause on earth.

Thanks for showing up every day. You are to be admired for keeping your heart wide open to Him. You are an important friend!

Anonymous said...

Terry, I like your use of the term "unnecessary inference." Seems like there's been a similar term used to "infer" much of the division (or perceived division).

Thank you for you comments "liberal".
-From a fellow brother "liberal".

Stoogelover said...

Thank you for clarifying that for me! Most days I drop by here several times just to see what others have written.