Friday, May 16, 2008


God is working. Everyone reading this blog possesses multiple stories of God working over their life-span. Neighbors were converted, careers were upset for the good, surprising doors opened, or negative circumstances produced a huge crop for lemonade. Can you imagine the God-stories we possess? There are so many thrilling-to-the-heart inspirations such could not be counted!

Wouldn’t it be something if a brotherhood paper were to break out with nothing but testimonials of God working? Can you imagine the illustrations preachers would have for sermons? Can you fathom the momentum the church would gain in believing God works in ordinary lives? Can you envision the life which would filter into one congregation after another because we simply made it our mission to tattle on God?

Maybe one of you would have the vision to build a team from within your church and start a brotherhood paper called "Tattle Tales". Our dullness might wane and our foggy vision could lift if we could bombard our readers with the Good News to the extent it is too good to be true….for such is the dimension of God’s gospel.

Hope for the world? It’s everywhere we turn. I’m handing off an idea to a reader or to one who will pass it along to a second-generation reader who loves assembling stories. As I write this I recall Norman Vincent Peale did this years ago. Who will take this idea and run?

There is enough oil (stories) to fuel the church for centuries. Quite a bit of it is still buried in the ground. Will someone dig it out through serious exploration? I’m saying someone will do it!


craigallenhicks said...

He's back! Yea!!!

Wes said...

Good idea. I know I've got quite a few to tell.