Saturday, April 05, 2008


Do you happen to have some people around who you don't like? Do you have any circumstances arise which you'd rather skip? Who doesn't....on both counts? What do we do with these? We turn them into kingdom fuel. Both are important, necessary, and needed if we are going to arise as good, strong leaders.

Don't do as I once did. I used to believe if a certain family would just move on or a specific problem would evaporate, life would be much better. However, when those specifics would happen to pass, new ones and then newer ones and then newest ones kept arising. Why? Why me, Lord?

These things are in our paths on purpose. They are there to train us to love. You know we ministers sometimes love's the people we can't stand! Exactly. God lets us be around this; not for the purpose of us changing them, but for them changing us. We must grow up. Conflict and stress are our spiritual workout gyms. The training sessions are strenuous to lead us to reach a point where we will quit quitting.

Jesus washed Judas' feet as he did Peter's. He hung on the cross for sinners; not saints. We are anticipated by the Living God to hit our streets with feet like Jesus'. We must have his heart to go with it. We must crave to see that our enemies find reprieve. We must get the Word to them that will let them off the hook.

I cheer you on as you grow. You must do more than grow in understanding of texts through Bible study. You will grow in understanding of an obstinate and rebellious foe when you dare grow enough to greatly love him.

You aren't simply in town to reach the lost. Some of the lost may be in town to reach you. Waste not that which God uses to transform His ministers. Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you... I Peter 4:12


Tucker said...

The more I read and listen to you Terry, the more I see you and I are alike. I too have thought the same things. Why do I find myself in this circumstance? Why does this person have to be this way?

I have since learned that roadblocks and hurdles are there to help me grow and trust in God. I have since learned that criticism from people is really either out of love or, it is their opinion and not fact. Far too many times, people harbor hard feelings toward another thinking their opinion is fact.

Billy said...

thanks for sharing this, it couldn't have come at a better time. Thankyou.

4:18 said...

quit quitting! have quit on so much and so many. fortunately, not many have quit on me. i am surrounded on a daily basis by great folks that make me better but there is always that one! the one a little too opinionated, a smidge to cocky or way too much like i used to be that wakes me up to how far god has brought me. thank God for them and hopefully they can see him when they see me.

preacherman said...

I love reading your blog brother and have added you to my list of favoirtes. Your blog has been an encouragement and uplifting. I hope God's blessings on all aspect of your life.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry
Kinney Mabry

Leon Mission Effort said...

Hey Terry. I often read your blog, but "reserve" my comments. Thanks for sharing this thought. It's a BETTER solution to the old phrase "every church has one..." I have learned a lot from the more challenging people, but in the past it was often to put them in contact with someone else. I need to grow in patience and love! I need to ENJOY every opportunity God gives me! thanks, msg