Thursday, April 03, 2008


Those who pray with me know one of the things I often ask God to do is to show up in the media in positive ways; i.e. something through the airwaves or in print where God is given credit for good things going on. Yesterday we had a very good day.

Oprah had two families on regarding the book, Mistaken Identity. It’s the true story of two families whose daughters were involved in a terrible car crash. One was killed. The other slowly recovered from severe injuries. One family had a funeral and then it was discovered it was their daughter who was alive. The other family was mistakenly caring for the first family's daughter in the hospital. It was their girl who was the one killed. Both sets of parents sat on Oprah’s set and told of such roller-coaster emotions throughout the ordeal. Both claimed incredible stability due to faith in God and love for Jesus.

Later on American Idol, Dolly Parton was a celebrity guest. She sang about the resurrection power of Jesus. At the conclusion of the show, three of the contestants stood to await the announcement of who was booted off. In these closing remarks Brooke White was asked about her appearance of being visibly shaken. Part of her response referenced Dolly’s song about Jesus and her own personal devotion to Him moved her so much.

Do I really believe I had any connection with such far away and untouchable-to-the-common- person events? Absolutely. Our God hears our prayers and moves accordingly. I think we can be involved in World Order by faith, by love, by prayer. I pray the eyes of our hearts may continually arise to view the possibility raging within each of our hearts!


jason said...


I didn't see American Idol last night but I here, that Dolly caused quite a stir with her Jesus remarks.

God is good.

jasonretherford said...

oops, i meant, "hear."

Brenda said...

Not only Dolly, the Clark Brothers sang This little Light of Mine...a very LONG version on American Idol as well. I waited patiently as I wondered what the response from the crowd would be and I was so thrilled at the unbelieveable praise and applause. Yesterday in the media was a great day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard the family you mentioned on the Friday night program with Matt Lauer. Powerful display..their faith was evident without any boasting about THEIR faith. We watched Dolly Parton and Brooke's response to that song. God is so working in our world. Through tragedy; He is glorified - through a media star...He approaches in our culture - just as Jesus approached and spoke to people within their own culture. It was a good day.

Terry said...

Like Brenda, my wife and I noticed all the positive references to Jesus on American Idol last night, too. I'm thinking about calling in and voting for Brooke White after her comments last night.
Terry L.