Sunday, April 27, 2008


Most of the world doesn't care. Most of the religious world doesn't know who we are to care. For those who care, it needs to be understood I am leaving Memorial. Regardless of the world's interest, or lack thereof, this is profoundly important to me. The sound of that hardly fits into my own ears. Wasn't I here before dirt?

My intent and hope is to not be leaving immediately, but I am leaving and the way time flies it is important to make preparation. Because I know it and the elders know it we are preparing. I don't know if I get to remain on board for another three years or another 10. Whatever the amount of time, it will one day hit and we will all act as if we didn't realize this was possible. It is.

Today Jason Thornton preaches while I, once again, sit. Bobby Smith preaches next Sunday. This brings me great delight. I love this church. It's become one of the happiest and most productive per I've ever heard about. The Holy Spirit enriches this place. I don't feel the least bit possessive. To have been on staff for a small amount of time was fulfilling. To have been here this long is God working beyond my imagination. I just love it here!

When I leave Memorial I hope it can be said about the congregation:
  • It is built on Jesus and not on my tenure.
  • It is supplied by God and not my energy.
  • It is empowered by the Holy Spirit and not my longevity.
  • It is built to celebrate.
  • It is attentive to the heart of every member.
  • It is engaged in more mission work than it can track.
  • It has a confidence that God actually works.
  • It has a vision of possibility based on actual experience in God.
  • It has taken on the certainty that everything is a "Yes".
  • It has become important to realize every day is a "Good Ol' Day!"

I am leaving Memorial and when the day comes it will feel weird...really weird. But I love the idea of carefully noting plans that the flock be strong and productive for the next guy on the block. If he would get here in, let's say, 2012 and stays as long as I have to this point, he would be preaching here 'til 2043. Hmmm, I wonder if we'll still use a projector and words on a screen by then? We might just be using Ultra-tech ear devices which flash the words onto the back side of our forehead! Now, there's an idea! Watch our own announcements!


Greg said...

I hope it's many years before you make your exit from Memorial. As much as I loved (and still love) Long Beach, the day did come when I thought it best to turn it over to someone else. It was a very tough decision but it was best for all involved.

Greg said...

P.S. Whenever it happens and wherever you go, keep writing and if this is still a viable medium, please keep blogging!

Brenda said...

Let me just say DON'T EVER START A BLOG LIKE THAT!!!! You just about gave me a stroke!!! ;o)
Even when you decide to step down and hand the reigns to someone else, that doesn't mean you won't be there and be a part of the family and flock that you were a part of cultivating. I believe that whatever you do in life, you are going to continue to bloom and noursish the soil that is around you. You can't help it. It's who you are and who He created you to be. You are an amazing man with an amazing mission and an amazing purpose. You've done well with this flock and I know you will continue to do so until it's someone elses turn.
I know I'll be around when this day comes, and maybe one day, I can look forward to you sitting in the pew next to me. ;o) I love you Terry!