Tuesday, April 08, 2008


The final Rush workshop troops have begun their trek home to Guadalajara. Tim and Kim and the kids left mid-morning. We had such a good time with all three of our kids and their families.

Tim’s three are comprised of a six year old boy, Quincy, and a set of twins, Karsyn and Clark, who are three. When Quincy was about three or four he misunderstood when someone prayed, “Heavenly Father…..” He thought they prayed and, thus, he began praying, “Happy Father…..” He still prays such and the twins have picked it up as well.

Clark prayed a couple of times during mealtime, yet unable to pronounce his “r”s, "Happy Fathow, thank you fow mommy, and daddy…..(long pause)…..and fow Quincy…..(more long pause)….and fow Kawsyn…..and fow….me…..and ouww family." It one of the sweetest things you ever heard in your life. And each time he’d recite his prayers, "Happy Fathow….."

Maybe we could glean from this year old if we related to the Happy Fathow.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Terry! Your comments echoed my conversation with my younger boys on the way to school this morning. The four year old is into shooting things and he likes to say things that have shock value. He said, I am going to kill God. My 7 Yr Old said, you can't kill God, the bullet will go right through him. The 4 yr old said, then I am going to heaven to shoot him there. I am thinking, heaven may not be the place for you, (laughing inside). My 7 yr old said, well if you kill him, HE WILL Just KEEP RISING Up Again and Again! The 4 yr old got guiet after that! And I thought my 7 yr old already knows that God will alway RISE UP! God rises up for me every day! They keep me on my toes. Love Lynn

Danna said...

AWESOME! And we wonder why Jesus told us we must become like little children!

Love you!

Franklin Wood said...

Terry, our two year old is pretty funny when he says prayers, too.
The other day, we were cracking up when he uttered:
Thank you fow Mommy,
Thank you fow Daddy,
Thank you fow Me...
YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! (Translation: "Amen!")