Thursday, April 17, 2008


Have you held kingdom ambition deep within your heart only to feel simply outnumbered by the masses of dark forces? Do you feel certain the whole world would love the One whom you love, but your message is overridden by intricate, abundant, and cobwebby carnal chatter? Do you ever feel, as a saved person, uncomfortably lost at confusion's sea because negative tide simply has the stronger pull?

Ah, then I share some really good news! Jesus' commission shatters the stronghold of both earthly measurement and logical restriction. Think not? Well then consider that Jesus pelted physical dominance with highly effective spiritual impact. "Can't walk?", he would inquire. Get up and get going! "Can't see?", he would ask. Read this!

Yet, I believe one of his greatest teachings was on the hillside late in the day when it was time to eat and the cafes were about to close. The disciples complained, "We better have the closing prayer. These people must eat." He ordered to feed know the story well. And the spiritual so controlled the physical that a sack lunch of a no-name boy fed thousands with laundry baskets full of food left over?

What's the point? There's just not enough disciples to go around; to handle the great need of a stymied civilization. Yet when Jesus touches the meager few of us, the millions feed on the bread of life. That's what you and I do! We offer Him our meager sack lunch efforts and see so many effective results that such cannot be reported. Listen to me now, we can't even report everything God does awesomely in our individual congregations! Why would we be surprised, then, to consider our imagination just can't fathom His prolific energy and results....through us...all over the world?

We do so many effective and magnificent things in the kingdom! Jesus does so much with our meagerness! Believe it!

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jamie riley said...

Terry – this is a wonderful post, and I agree, totally. God is magnificent! He is powerful in ways that we will never know till Heaven…but our not understanding it doesn’t stop him from being AMAZINGLY POWERFUL in our lives.

I love the way you spoke of him feeding others through our meager sack lunch…I know I messed that up, but you understand. There is so much that he does and will do through us…just imagine if we developed real grit, real drive, real boldness that God can do anything he wants to do…then we walked in that faith with smiles on our faces as if the God of all creation was our Father. I love that truth!

What I meant to say was…I like your post! I just got a little carried away.