Sunday, March 30, 2008


We are soooo blessed. As we wrapped up the workshop today, Memorial Drive had an 8:00 a.m. assembly in addition to its usual 10:30 one. ZOE lead our worship in both services. Each time the place was packed. I am so encouraged by the hundreds and thousands who come to the workshop to be revived and refreshed. It was such an awesome event.

There's a fresh wind moving across the workshop. The crowds are gradually building back up. Our people are learning to discern of our speakers the way we do our literature. We are able to accept all speakers while we individually weigh how it is we reflect their positions just as we do when we read various authors. It's wonderful for me, personally, to attend the workshop without getting slain every half day. The mean-spirited, heavy hitters have either grown up or stayed home.

There is such joy and excitement over possibilities and opportunities going on everywhere! We are continually learning to function as His body without using the fist part to bruise the thigh work. We've quit beating up on ourselves. We are helping each other, motivating one another, praying together for His handiwork to show up on our canvases.

Be encouraged. God works. It's a marvelous and privileged thing to get to be in the church. I find kindergarten to be a most exciting time in life! You and me....we are just getting started!


DJT said...

I love kindergarten too! Especially the finger painting God is doing with me. I enjoy the process of seeing what he is making out of me.

Thank you for you and allowing him to continue to finger paint you!

Lita said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work, time and energy you pour into the Workshop. Over the past few years, Randy Harris has become my favorite speaker (besides you, of course), but this year a few others stood out as well. I was absolutely blown away by Jason Thornton. I probably got the most practical, concrete lessons from him, Dusty Rush and Mark Moore, and took away things I can start practicing daily in my own life. Awesome men of God.

Franklin Wood said...

Terry, thanks for all the Workshop Work you've done.
And thanks for saying that our little boy was "good-lookin'" when you saw us before worship this morning. We definitely think so!
You are such a great encourager. Keep giving out those inspiring words!
By the way, Edward Fudge blew me away this year! His GracEmails are very thought-provoking, but it was good to hear the heart and stories behind his thoughts.

Amy Westerman said...

The service at Memorial was wonderful Sunday. Your interpretation of the Prodigal Son was inspiring. Thank you for being so encouraging and for all you have done to help Christians "party"!!!
Thanks for my book and DVD, too. You are a blessing! :)

Anonymous said...


We've never met personally, but I wanted to say thanks to you and your elders and all of those who work hard to put together the TISWW. My wife and I look forward to being in Tulsa every year. This year was no exception.

We are looking forward to being there next year.

Keep dreaming!

Ed said...

Brother Terry,
Thank you and the great people at Memorial Drive for providing the workshop experience!!! I have been attending since 1987 and am always encouraged by just being there. This year was no exception. I was pleased to see larger numbers of attendees this time around. Those of us who worship in small congregations need the workshop, maybe more than others. I want to encourage everyone to focus on the work of the Holy Spirit in our prayers, especially, as well as our spiritual life in general. I plan on being back next year! God bless!!

Sir Straw said...

Thanks agian for all that you do and all the people that your life touches.


Keith Roberts said...

Great workshop! It continues to grow and mature (I've attended most of them).

Thanks for emphasizing prayer this year, and for the focus on spiritual growth rather than doctrinal wrangling.

God bless you and the Memorial team.

Col. 4:2

Judy said...

Dear Terry and Memorial church,
Just wanted to let you know I am having workshop withdrawals!!! I am just sooooo full! Monday and Tuesday my granddaughter Hannah rode to school with me. We listened to music CD's I purchased at workshop. God is sooooo awesome for using you all in such a mighty way! The Prayer Garden was the best! We used it several times. My thanks to Ellie and Dan Miller and all the others for their extra hard work in putting it all together!!! God bless you in a mighty way as you plan for 2009. Next year when we pull up at Tulsa Joyce will be there with us. Hope you are all on your way to rested. Thanks again. It is so very hard to put it into words all that we bring home from workshop.
Love in HIM,

Keith Lancaster said...

What a great job Terry! The workshop was such a blessing yet again.

I was amazed by how Shane was able to continue after his setbacks. Your folks make me feel like part of the Memorial Singers Team.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part.

Keith L