Monday, February 25, 2008


Mankind is groaning for relief from itself. I've had to quit watching Greta as her forte seems to be to cover the murders and suspicioned murderers of the world. I don't fault her. That's her job. I am simply weary from the sadness. More dead on Long Island. Now Tinker.

As we've encountered such trials increasingly for the past couple of decades (and several so close and personal) there's a factor in all of this which is additionally disturbing: many are not premeditated. Meaning? Good and seemingly stable people unfortunately snapped. Those who never dreamed of taking another's life totally lost it and entered nearly unconscious rage.

What's going on? Darkness is in desperate need of overpowering Light. Society seems to be begging for the Rock. Our sand castles are eroding at greater pace in front of our very eyes. All of the king's psychiatrists and all of the kings counselors cannot put Adam back together again. Only the Rock can do the job.

Awaken once again Christian to the perfect call from our Rock. Hear Him plead with you to not only refrain from buckling, but to stengthen the weak-kneed. Do your best not to sigh with the unbelievers about what this sad old world is coming to. It's gaining momentum in coming to the Rock. Jesus alone offers stability. That's what the world's coming to!


James said...

Great image of the sand castles. Yes, this world is in such darkness. Thank God for His being a rock.

David Kirk said...

Thank you for your ministry.

johndobbs said...

I've been thinking the same thing Terry ... especially with the number of stories of people who kill their own children. I cannot imagine this.