Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Faith defies logic. At times we deem the latter more believable. Odd aren’t we? More than debating colleagues, I find I argue more with myself than others combined. This faith thing is the brain power of a new race; the Christian race. Such a belief system requires grooming and manicuring. In other words; it must have our attention.

Our heads are in heaven and our hearts are in Christ while our feet roam earth’s landscape. That's a pretty far stretch, don't you think? Why wouldn’t one walk in conflict? It takes the Master to sort us out. How shall we succeed? How do we lead our people to victory when the flesh gravity is so doggone strong....and sometimes bossy?

Each day and every turn presents opportunity. If we confess the invisible is reality and superior to that which we see, obviously our heart-eyes are in tact. Just what is it we see when looking at what the rest of the community views? We see what they see and beyond it. We see to it and through it into the new realm. Biblical terms like mystery and surprise and possible no longer bug us. They free us and excite us.

We live in a land thirsty for a new kind of life. All of the name brand politicians are correct. America wants change. It isn’t that we want a new face or a new policy only. We want change to mean something. God’s kingdom is the route to go. It defies what earthiness presses as true. We can live on earth while participating in heaven. That, my friend, is the ultimate change. We may be here, but the supply is from there. Oh that we could be wowed. One of the things I told God early this morning was, God, it’s fascinating being a person. Head out today enthused to possess a faith which defies logic.


Greg said...

Most morning, other than my bible reading, you are the best thing I read! This is so encouraging and hits some trouble spots in my faith walk.

David Skidmore said...

this was really encouraging to me today! thanks for reminding me of wonder and possible!

Mason Puckett said...

That's a great thought. Just so you know, I go to the University Church in Conway. Maybe you could rub off on your son a little more. Just a funny suggestion.