Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Irenaeus wrote, The glory of God is man fully alive.

Jesus said, Narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Those two statements thrill me and bug me. Misery has so very much company. That part bugs me. I have great compassion for the miserable. I want to help. There is awesome possibility for life....that excites me. Few find it....that bugs me.

I urge you to find the life and pass it on. Good, yet discouraged friends, need our help. In the religious circles the narrow road is usually developed from one's doctrinal standpoint. Big mistake. There is a true world of difference between a narrow road and a narrow mind.

The road leads to life while narrow thinking leads to prideful irritation with the religious (and non-religious) others. Miserly religious thinkers believe they have life because they are rigid in rules. Oddly, they appear to be among the most miserable in the community. That's why those who don't go to church don't want any part of it because it's obvious God hasn't been of much help to these narrow talkers of faith (?) whose faces look like they were weaned on dill pickles.

A person alive is one who loves God and loves people in every circumstance; whether things go our way or they don't. A person alive is not deterred by the mood of the moment. God is awesome and people are important and our eyes never see it another way. An alive person feels blessed to get to be a person, feels enthused to wake up, is enmeshed with believing God works in all settings. Life is stronger than death, better than rules, and more exciting than any sporting event.

Of all the things we believe, it may be crucial that those who observe us conclude one thing for certain: we seem to be so ultra-alive there must be the Living God backing us! The religious hoops we jump prove vain. It's the Holy Spirit fruit we bear which proves God is with us.

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