Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Tulsa is now in it's third day of the fiercest ice storm in Oklahoma history. At our house we are without power, phone, and heat. We do have a fireplace to put out some heat. We've learned some good things during this cold and overcast event.
  1. I've learned a new meaning to the "There's not a thing on TV" comment.
  2. Mary has learned that a stool can flush without electricity. She's so excited!
  3. How I've longed for just enough TV to see a scrolling of school closings...that would satisfy.
  4. I don't like camping out. This week I've learned I don't like camping in.
  5. This morning I stepped out on the patio and thought, Wow, it's pretty nice out here. Then I realized it was the same temperature as in there.
  6. I so appreciated the four or five cars which simply passed by my property last night. Each time I heard one coming down the ice-crackling street, I leaped to watch them drive by as if they had been special company all evening long.
  7. I found myself wishing the phone worked. If only one fund-raising charity would have called me last night, I would have given lots of money...I feel fairly sure!
  8. Playing Solitaire by weak candlelight affords the conscience a little more room to cheat.
  9. I learned that when it's dark for hours and hours with no heat and no phone and no TV that it takes much longer for the clock to move from 8:10 to 8:20 than when all that other stuff is up and running.

The Ice Storm saga continues......


Greg said...

So just how are you blogging????


You've learned a lot! :) Hopefully you've learned enough and the electric company will have things turned back on soon.

Terry Rush said...


I'm writing from my office. Power is up....there!

jim said...

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