Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Action groups have much to say about a lot of stuff. Some promote preserving forests, others protect wild-life, and still another segment protests exploration. Global Warming is a hot topic. Much debate and innuendo swirl amidst the winds pressing for this to be a legitimate concept.

The church has its role in preserving, protecting, and exploring. We are called by God to rescue civilization; the inhabitants of earth. We are called to increase involvement of global warming as many hearts have grown cold. They have become indifferent to God and to neighbor. We, as his church, must warm the hearts of men, women, and children globally.

This course of action takes missionaries, visionaries, the business-minded, the homemakers, the school teachers, etc. Our duty is to succeed at globally warming the hearts of disparaging souls. We must do it. We can do it. We shall do it.

There is no individual too remote or a nation too indignant which cannot respond to the gracious and living God if we will join together in global warming efforts to revive one person at a time. Inventory of churches indicates temperatures are rising in a most faithful fashion. Hearts are alive in worship and in service. Global warming is having its impact and we are its promoters!

Preserve, protect, and explore the ways you can save a person. Reach far and near. All hearts need warming at times. We will do our best. Global warming: pass it on.


Terry Rush said...

Way to go, me. Good article!

Greg said...

First "global warming" anything I've read that rings with truth!! Thanks, Terry.

Mike Riley said...

I agree with that Terry guy.
Great article!

Terry said...

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving Day! I always enjoy reading your blog.