Wednesday, August 29, 2007


If tough love is needed at times, how about tough hope? Abraham had hope against hope and proceeded to believe.

Dusty called me yesterday afternoon. Crystal began a new third grade teaching job in their huge Arkansas public school system. She taught at another elementary school the past two years. In the transfer they also moved their two boys from yet another school to go with her to the same new school within a block of their house. This all began last week.

Yesterday Crystal was informed that she was being involuntarily transferred to yet another school far across town to teach first grade. Dusty called me to say, You may want to call Crystal tonight and give her your Terry talk. He went on to explain the superintendent is new on the job and has been handed a tough assignment as the school system is millions of dollars in debt. He has the trying task to trim everywhere he can to temporarily keep a sinking ship afloat. Due to necessary pruning, he's not popular.

I reminded Dusty of this perfect soul winning opportunity. This new superintendent needs to hear of Dusty's immediate support by letting him, who just pulled the rug from beneath Crystal's stable footing, know he has the Rush's sympathy and understanding. I shared with Dusty that if the man were to hear from him because Crystal just got a raise it would be lightly impactful. But to hear from a husband whose wife just took a hit and find support in that conversation....well, that would open wonderful opportunities for kingdom matters to proceed.

Dusty emailed the man immediately expressing their personal pain; yet, complete support of such a bold move. The superintendent called him within fives minutes thanking him and expressing his need to go to lunch one day soon. I talked with Crystal last night. She shed only a few tears, but mostly expressed her understanding.....and I guess maybe we did find places to laugh.....a lot!

I encourage you about your day. Diamonds show up best against dark backdrops. Shine all the time. Be sure of a sturdy truth about your day: you never shine brighter than when pinned against dark and gloomy backdrops. Even when something is going wrong....something better is going right. Those are the rich moments calling for tough hope.


chris said...

Terry, I really enjoy reading your blog. Your practical, bloom where you are, messages are very encouraging. Thanks. And, of course, keep them coming.

Brenda said...

It takes a strong man to step out like Dusty did. I'm not sure I would have had the same reaction. Dusty sets a great example here. Of course, he learned it from a great example as well.

Liz Moore said...

Your strong example and how Dusty followed your lead; and the outcome of his email, brought tears to my eyes. We can learn so much from you on how to always find or look for the good in things. I know without reading this, my response would not have been the same. Thank you so much for leading by example. The next time I am faced with a not so good situation, I hope and pray I can follow your lead. Love you!

Steve said...

I know many teachers and can see that there a many many school districts in which the same kind of thing is going on.

Your ideas on an honest conversation about what life changes like this do to you, coupled with an understanding of the other side is a powerful show of the kingdom of God manifested in someones life.

I beleive that through honesty and attempts to understand the struggles of others, we are better equipped to plant the seed that will eventually take over the garden.

Thanks for sharing.