Friday, August 24, 2007


Any debate as to whether God exists saddens me. How illegitimate of any man to doubt the Beautiful One's existence. The authenticity of the Creator: His role, His purpose, His style need not submit to super-ambitioned whims or disproportioned boastings of the created. Yet, such a contest continues.

I'm reading a book, god is not Great, by Christopher Hitchens. It's a mis-titled work. believers are not Great, is the more accurate assessment, but Hitchens takes our noticeable absurdities and transposes them onto to God as if our bumblings were a divine iron-on patch of sorts. Hitchens' estimation of Christianity's many pitfalls has misled him to conclude God, Himself, is a sham. His own intelligence betrays him. Value is in the writings as it will bolster faith; the very thing he had intended to undermine.

Hitchens places extreme confidence in man's wisdom. He pits man's intelligence against the backdrop of what he passionately desires to regard as our flimsy faith. He has credentials galore; yet, his inability to know God is revealing as to his own mere foolishness. Didn't God have something to say along that line in First Corinthians 1:20-31?

We are to conclude from the book God is only god....and completely made up in the imagination of the mind at that. According to this very biased author, science is supposed to have proven God to be a folklore and faulty god. However, from faith's perspective it seems science's fascinating purpose ought to more accurately give estimate and observation to creation. It cannot arise to the level of Creator. GOD fulfills that role alone.

Science is to detect life, not provide nor invent it. We are most blessed by its continual and immense discoveries. We are most endangered when man tries to impose science's brilliance by asserting it is man's newest god. Science will never track down nor explain the Immeasureable Living God of the world. It will forever be limited to just now finding out yet another host of undiscovered discoveries God had hidden all along....even from the most bizarrely brilliant.....because God is so Clever the cleverest cannot detect by a mere fraction of a percent of Him after all of these centuries!

That's my opinion. How do you see it?

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Greg said...

Often the last person to recognize a fool is the fool himself.