Friday, August 03, 2007


When the War ended in the 40's a struggling Tokyo company made efforts to rebuild its business. However their rice cooker didn't seem to fare well in the marketplace. To keep their heads above water the technicians repaired short-wave radios for a time. Eventually the company discovered what it was created to be, renamed itself, and took off. The name of the company? Sony.

Don't be discouraged as you move about in the kingdom barely keeping afloat by faith. The day will come when you will turn a corner and there will be your Sony. God is the One with the gift bag. He hands them out and you want to be positioned to receive. There is that special niche carved just for you. Do the little things well. Repair the short-wave radios for a time and do your job well. God will be rewarding you for endurance so important to ministering servants.

Don't quit. Don't give up. Don't close your eyes. Don't sigh in frustration. Awe is on it's way.....a whole lot bigger than Sony!



Terry ... love the application and thought. Excellent point. I enjoy your blog.


DJG said...

Thanks...I needed that today.

Terry said...

You have been tagged

Anonymous said...


This is a good fllow up to the challnege to stick with the church.