Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I'm a preacher. Therefore, it should be understood I love exaggeration! Furthermore, I think it quite fitting we lead out in such a terrain. What is the kingdom of God if it does not take routine life and explode it into the unpredictable regions of wonder? What do we think terms as joy inexpressible and exceedingly abundantly beyond all we can think or imagine reference? Reason? Understanding? Of course not. Jesus moves us to speechless, analyticaless, and chartless awe!

Wonder is the only way we can grasp the enormity of our outrageous reality. Our phrase, You'll never believe what God has done, is a statement of inexplainability. Fourth century Gregory of Nyssa said, Concepts create idols. Only wonder understands. Really, isn't it fairly accurate to note everyone is filled with one of two lifestyles: wander or wonder? Wander can't get comfortable with rote direction nor mundane purpose. Wonder, on the other hand, can't explain the wide-eyed wow of every moment.

Brian McLaren wrote, Only wonder understands. Jesus said the kingdom of God is like a man who plants seed and then waits for a while and then sees the seedlings rising to the sun and in the end, he "knows not how". It is a mystery and a wonder to him.

I like wonder! It shows up when I see the pavement of an early morning, when I note a special soul waiting at a bus stop, and when I turn to watch a bird soar simply being grateful my neck still swivels. Do this: pretend five things which do work don't. Make up a list; i.e. your garage door opener fails, your bank closed its doors overnight (never to reopen or explain why), your sense of hearing leaves you, your purse is stolen, and you find a dismissal slip from employment when you report to the office tomorrow morning. Having taken each of your five items for granted has left you immune to wonder. Therefore, I cheer you on to celebrate these few paragraphs you've just read because a significant number in our world are illiterate and another group is blind.

Marin Luther was on track when he said, If I could understand one grain of wheat, I would die of wonder. Open the eyes of your heart as to who, what, and where you are! Dive into the wonder of it all! Celebrate now!


Anonymous said...

In a world that many focus on defeat, discouragement, or never quite matching up - YOU continue to show God to us through encouragement and wonder. I love, love, love that about you.
You have a blessed day. I love being reminded to believe and live a life that watches for the God of Miracles! It is like being a three year old all over!

Liz Moore said...

You once again continue to encourage, you continue to Always see the glass half full! Anyone who knows you or reads from you, should begin to see life in a whole new way. God has blessed you with an incredible heart to see and pass on the wonder in everything. I thank God He had our paths cross so that I can share in that wonder! Love you!

Ky said...

Oh the wonder and the marvel of it all!!

David Skidmore said...

this is right on!

Greg said...

I'm in abject wonder that you used the word "analyticaless"! Great thoughts, Terry! Thanks ... again.