Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I have a sense some young leaders are struggling today as they feel fiercely inadequate. Therefore, I risk sharing what it's like being a seasoned leader. I am consistently embarrassed at my lack. In plain terms, it bugs me that I can't seem to catch the waves of sober input which would feel like I contributed to the energy of the moment's discussion.

Yesterday morning we sat in our weekly 6:00 a.m. meeting....staff and elders. I so enjoy it and yesterday seemed exceptionally rich. I had little to contribute as discussion flowed for two hours with no agenda. Wonderful concepts were tossed for honing. I soaked up the wisdom God had spewing from every person in the room....with the exception of one; me. The guys were on a roll. Mostly I made notations from their comments which inspired me to think about ideas they didn't even realize God was saying through them.

In this setting, and nearly all others, I feel the fool. I have very little to add. Yesterday the most I could muster in comment was a couple of goofy comments that got good laughs. That was it. I get discouraged with my seeming lack to be an effective communicator of serious matters. Mine is usually the joke part...which sometimes does keep the room from being tense. Sometimes I so wish I could get to say the deep thing which would wow at least just one somebody. Do any of you know what I mean?

So, for those of you who feel embarrassed about your leadership lack, maybe it would be good to hear from one who's been around awhile. I still feel the pangs of wishing I could say deep stuff like others. I know He uses me. I feel confident of such. But I still hit those many moments where I feel far removed from effective leadership style.

My hope is in the fact I am just getting started and one day will become more effective. The same holds true for each of you who similarly battle.


cwinwc said...

A 6am meeting? Bible verse please. Wow, meeting at 6 in the morning is an accomplishment in of itself. Besides, the fact that you my gifted brother are not having to lead that meeting says something about your gift to empower leadership in others. I know our preacher has said on several occasions that just a few short years ago; he had to call, run, conclude, and execute all actions items in any meetings held at our church. He says it is a pleasure to see others stepping up to take the lead in our church.

Paul Woodhouse said...

6:00 AM meeting? I'm pretty dry at that hour! (I'm always amazed at the hour your post your blogs.) Terry, may the Lord fill your heart with gratitude for having such an energetic, bright, deep, God-loving bunch!

Mary Lou said...

You don't even know me, but I read your blog. It was passed to me from a friend who finds your articles inspiring. I do too and have your blog now bookmarked to read. You do have deep insight. My home congregation is still pretty much "old style" when it comes to worship. We struggle and have recently brought a man into our eldership who I believe thinks a lot the way you do. Bottom line here is that you DO have deep thinking and we can read it and go, WOW! that was inspired. thanks!

Greg said...

I wouldn't expect me to come up with anything deep that early in the morning! On Jim Martin's blog today, he lists you as one of the blogs he reads daily for encouragement. I think he said something about a seasoned preacher who still enjoys his work. You underestimate the power of God in you! By the way, in any group there must be at least one person to take notes and soak up the wisdom. I'm always that guy in groups in which I find myself.

James said...

Your post made me think immediately of 1 Corinthians chapter 1-4. I guess it is all a matter of perspective. What is there to be embarassed by? If only I would remember it more.

keith said...

Terry, believe me, you are an incredible example to all. I haven't met anybody that exudes so much enthusiasm for LORD's work. You have been an incredible example for me and have touched my heart like nothing else has. In fact, you've changed my entire outlook on life. Thank You, Brother!