Tuesday, May 08, 2007


One could never nail down the many and delightful traits of the Master. There is one I address today. Do you know what I think it is that keeps Jesus magnetic, exciting, and current? He was not and is not orthodox.

I love that about him. He simply walked on earth as if he were from elsewhere! This is a huge item. It wasn't a matter of letting Jesus out of the box; he wouldn't go into one. He could sense the slightest touch in a crowd, but couldn't discern who it was that touched him. Now how does that work? He didn't mind in the least that a guy running late cut through the roof to get to him. He didn't flinch at the interruptive scene. No more than a friend would die and he'd call him back. Jesus refused to walk the conventional line. He could never be fully detected nor plotted, nor analyzed. He fits no one's mold of any human being. All we can do is try to fit into him.

He left earth and sent his Spirit to keep his body moving and what do we begin to hear? We are to conform to pattern and form; the very opposite of the nature of the magnetic Jesus. And how's pattern and form doing these days in Tennessee and Alabama and Ohio and Oklahoma? Well, it may be the reason we aren't growing.

It just could be that thing Jesus does could be those things Jesus would still like to do....refuse to be conventional and orthodox. It could be we need to refuse to go into the box! The walk of Jesus was faithful to his words in John 3:8 where he lays the big challenge on us. Those who walk by the Spirit are moving Southeast at one moment and turning North in the next.

I don't find this style confusing. I find it exciting.


Greg said...

Terry: This fits so well what I'll be preaching on Sunday. Do you mind if I run it in our bulletin, giving you full credit and running your URL as well?

Anonymous said...

Terry, how cool is that - from Greg. See how God is using your blog.

Just had to say that I feel like I am constantly insisting that Jesus stay non-conventional in my life. If I had to be assured that I had a relationship with HIM, only if I stayed in that little box - wow - how devastating my life would look.
love you today,

Terry Rush said...


Use all you want and no need to give me credit. I've never had an original thought in my life.

ND said...


Thanks for sharing your heart! "Orthodox", "pattern", and "form" - I live and minister in TN and these are not working! WE are dying and having little influence in our communities. I thought we were concerned with simply being Christian? What has happened? It apears to me that many in our felloship are more concerned with being "church of Christ" than following Jesus. Many of our leaders are paralyzed by fear. Afraid of neighboring congregations. They are afraid that they might lose a few from the membership rolls. We need to get serious about the mission of Jesus! What about many of our preachers? Are they more concerned about their jobs or being bold in their preaching of Jesus? We need pray that God would give us a clear understanding of "kingdom' and then get on with a "kingdom agenda." Hey, I am thankful for many of my brothers and sisters who have discovered kingdom and are on board with Jesus. But, many of these believers are leaving our fellowship. Let's pray for the faith to follow Jesus into the unknown. May God forgive us for putting Jesus in a box. Continue to share you heart with those who red your blog. May God bless your ministry efforts in Tulsa and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! I had a great time eating lunch with you today!

The Preacher's Household: said...

Jesus was certainly out of the box. We need to think outside the box too. But, I am not sure we need to completely discard form and pattern as some in our fellowship call for. Jesus shows us a pattern to follow. As a Christian I seek to be Crist like. He is my pattern. The problem is we have sometimes confused what are essential paterns and forms and have muddled them with tradition. For example God has always intended that older men give direction. Some have taken the Eldership and created something not of God.