Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We are in need of courageous leaders. As the proverbial dog runs ahead of the wagon train only to hesitate at the fork in the road to see which route the wagons follow and then bolts back into the lead, we may find our labors following such uncertain course. It takes authentic leadership to pave the way rather than trying to guess where one believes the church wants to travel.

I believe the reason the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are in such a quandary over Iraq is because they failed as leaders. Yes, Congress voted to support the war. Of course this is my opinion, but I think they thought it would be another 11 day war we would all watch on TV as a mini-series, conquer Hussein, set the nation free, and gather back at a hotel in New York City to gloat over the General's brilliant assessment of our success. When 11 days passed and then 11 months, both parties began to pale. I don't think they led the nation. I think they guessed they'd look badly if they failed to vote for a war which would be as speedily successful as Desert Storm.

So, where are we going leader? Are we going where Lucado writes and McLaren promotes and Sweet analyzes? None of these three would expect such. Yet, our vision can become snagged on the latest advancements which are a far cry of improvement from our own. I suggest we must continue to be leaders who hear from God. What is He saying and where is He calling for our assertion?

Back to the political realm, it's campaign time once again. Let's see....hmmm...what will the messages cover? Hmmm.....prescription costs for seniors? Health care? Social Security? No children left behind? Alternative fuel research? In other words the same ole same ole we've had for how many campaigns now? When will a leader step forward and take us in a meaningful direction other than circular landscape? We've passed those ways before!

I encourage you to pay attention to the Spirit's leading. Such a response could find one very lonely. Years ago I was heavily criticized (though not present myself) at a gathering of Bus Ministers in a nearby state. It was reported (to put me in my place) by one of them as to how they had gathered and discussed I had caved in to the elders and had lost my fire for evangelism. Those were lonely days as my good friends were speaking of my assumed failure. I may have shed a few tears along the way. I may have been uncertain as to what to do next at times. One thing I can say is I've never lost my fire for this work.

Step up to the plate, young leader, even if you step up all alone. God's voice is the One to hear; not the herd's who bellow the loudest. We aren't in need of politicians in the church. We are in need of prophets who will bring life to His people. Cooperation is always admirable. But there are those times when cooperation isn't's politics as usual.


David U said...

That'll preach, brother! Keep bringing it!!!!! Please continue to be the prophet you have been for YEARS!


Anonymous said...

WOW, you are so on target. That is what I love about your heart. You continue to listen to HIM.
Love you today,

Greg said...

That's powerful!

cwinwc said...

Amen from Central Florida.