Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm taking golf lessons. This has destroyed my game. I can't do the new right and can't remember how I did it wrong. I'm in a bind! However, I love to learn better ways and I anticipate eventual success as my instructor is dismantling my old wrongs and instilling new rights.

The main thing he's having to drill into me is to relax my grip and my swing. I g-r-r-rip it and r-r-r-rip it! I grip the club too tightly. He told me that on a scale of 1 to 5 my grip is a 25. And, I swing to hard. Such seems to me the ball would travel farther if I put more muscle into it. Not.

It was said of a Cardinal pitcher during a televised game this week that the reason he was not effective is he was too tense trying to throw the ball too hard. If he would relax, the ball would have both increased speed and movement. Why is that? The announcer went on to explain that when the body relaxes the muscles and tendons are freer to produce more effect results. My golf instructor has his work cut out for him in getting this concept into my head. I've done it wrong for 50 years.

Similarly in the church...we try too hard. We are a committed sort; a serious crew and we intend to unleash power. But, we may find ourselves carrying the load alone. He will do the work in us, if we will release inner tension. Yes, we try harder. But tense fret and worry aren't as productive as relaxed faith and confidence. Do you try to force your preacher to do better? Are you one who presses the elders to see clearer? Some calculate and plot to raise funds for projects. Others manipulate and control in such a way the congregation is wrapped in tightness to the extent is becomes immobile.

But Moses said to the people, "Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today." Exodus 14:13

"The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent." Exodus 14:14

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31

Be still and know I am God....Psalm 46:10


Cindy said...

Thank you for another great post! :-)

Mike Scott said...

Next time you are in Atlanta, I would love to see that new grip in person.

Terry Rush said...

Are you kidding, Mike? This blog goes all the way to Atlanta?

We'll try to work it out so you can see this new grip!

Dusty Rush said...

I've seen it Mike. It's not pretty. At one point I thought he was having back spasms during his back swing.

Keith said...

Great post. I guess when we watch the pros and comment,"They make it look so easy," its because they are so relaxed; and have hit about a zillion balls to that point. I don't know about your golf swing, but based on what I read in your blog..."You got game."

Liz Moore said...

I agree... "You got game"! :) Great Post!

Greg said...

I remember that "golf" outing with you in Long Beach many years ago. I spent a few dollars hitting some balls on the practice range before we were called to the first T. After watching me shank a couple of balls, you told me I'd wasted my money on the driving range. But YOU ... you would just walk up to the ball, and take a swing almost in the same motion and hit it down the middle every time. I gave up golf. You took lessons. My decision will save me lots of $$ and frustration. What about your decision????

Dwight said...

See...that's what you get for playing golf...illustrations.

preacherman said...

I really do believe the society in which we live many Christian are too busy for God. Too Stress out. Don't make time to relax as they should and yes. I do think that you are right that in the stillness of the greens...we can be still of to know that God is God. Taking out our stress on the ball. As we place the into the ground. Linning the ball on the just so...Choosing the right club. Wack! The stress away!!!! As you walk the 18 once or twice in most cases when I play with my uncle. It is that quiet place with you and God. It is a stillness. Climbing the hill. Looking over the water. How beatiful is the creation of God!