Wednesday, March 07, 2007


More and more I run into Christians who are involved in God's work well over their heads. I say, "Hooray!" I love it that He is so big and we are so small and both are so inter-involved in the kingdom work that we often feel clueless, foolish, and even disoriented. It's about time we were involved in God-sized projects and events. I love to encounter members who are simply trying to serve in some small way and God breaks in or out....or both! I'm so happy we are willing to launch into zones too deep for our meager measurement. I love it that we feel overwhelmed. And, I do very much of the time.

So many wish they had one day of wow and I have so many. Others would love to be astonished by God's involvement so don't sweat it when He delivers more produce than you ordered! I never....NEVER.....believe I am gaining momentum and I am delighted at just the awareness of this truth. I am never more than in kindergarten with God. I'm losing ground. God is too big and the longer I'm around the bigger He becomes to my heart eyes. Compared to Him my vision is blurred and my doctrine is dwarfed, my goals are silly and my faith muscles turn to jelly.

I shall not complain. I love being overwhelmed! How many prisoners wish they could have one good day of overwhelmedness? Some day when I'm in a nursing home and can no longer sit up to ride in a car (let alone drive) I will so yearn for the good old days when I had so much to do I couldn't keep up. I love right now. I love today. It's not a psyche-up with me. It's a way of life.

Jesus said he came that we might have life and have it abundantly. I take that "abundantly" to mean we can expect days when we are in over our heads! Celebrate being you....I'll join you!


Greg said...

You know those "preacher luncheons" where we eat and then go around the table sharing what's going on at our respective churches? And you knew it was, for the most part, a one upmanship show?

I no longer attend those meetings for various reasons, but my response these days would be, "I'm clueless and overwhelmed ... right where God's been trying to get me for years."

Your blog just confirmed it's a good place to be.

Brenda said...

I miss being in over my head doing Kinddom's work. I once complained about that. I now long and thirst for that again. God's been knocking on my door to come back to some good works, and I'm listening.
I like WOW days! I like it when you have WOW days because you let it radiate through you.

Brenda said...

Kingdom or Kinddom? It's all the same! ;o)

Jeanne said...

Great stuff! Isn't it interesting that one of our first faith demonstrations takes us in "over our heads" in baptism. God is so good to provide all we need to be just exactly who He wants us to be!