Monday, February 19, 2007


What is it....that magic "it"......which helps us connect to the flock? Sometimes we work and work only to find the members don't understand who we are or what we are trying to do. At other times, we seem to be coasting and for some reason the kingdom work flows with beautiful ease.

What helps ministers connect? Is it our gramatical command? Our good ol' boyness? Our intensive study? I offer an idea.

I believe we connect when we listen to the Spirit. I believe it has nothing to do with our talent nor our study capabilities unless we throw both of those into the mixing bowl with His Holy
Spirit. This is why listeners get good things from what we share that we didn't even realize we touched upon. He works in our inadequacies. Nothing comes from us. It's all from Him...II Cor. 3:4-5.

Before we can answer as to what we shall preach, we'll do well to discover what we have heard from Him. I listen week by week for information from Him which excites me. I figure if it excites me, it may excite others. If it doesn't motiate me, why would I want to bore them with it?

From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Let the Spirit of Christ fill your heart...and then you'll have something worthwhile to say.


Trey Morgan said...

Terry, that is how we connect and then all the other things fall in to place.

One of those things that "fall in to place" is our openness. We have to be open and honest. I find people connect better with a minister who is "transparent" and doesn't try to hide his weaknesses or problems. One that doesn't come across as perfect or holy. Pretty much, one that's just like everyone else.

Just a thought!

Craig said...

Thanks Terry! This is the true perspective of a prophet. I come to the table eager to be filled if the fair is from God's table and especially if served fresh and hot! Kinda like stopping at Krispy Kreme b/c we see the "Hot Donuts" on.