Sunday, December 10, 2006

One Huge Spending Spree

MLB's Winter Meetings concluded Thursday and several mediocre players signed for millions on top of millions. When you ponder that kind of money the mind can drift into la la land considering all one could do with "that kind" of dough! Due to envy one could become blind to his or her own marvelous possesssions.

However, I really believe I already live there. I am "millions-dollar-wealthy" in friends. I live in the church like I'm on this perpetual spending spree of trying to be with everyone I know. I feel like a kid at church going from one aisle (hallway) to the next greeting and cheering and hugging all my friends. I love today....and every day called today.

From Darrel and Barbara way down South to Greg and Janice way out West to Jeff and Trinity way up North to Doug and Tiffany way down Southeast....and everywhere in between...I am wonderfully rich in friends. From Lynn, Shawn, Tracy, Marvin, Charlie, etc of the locals and then add Dan and Theresa, Lee and Marcy, Tony and Lea Anne, Randy and Kerrie, and on and on and on of Memorial's members...I'm a "million-dollar-kind-of-guy"! I pass by our office crew often with the words, "Don't you just love me?" They crack up...of course. But it's one of my ways to breaking them loose from routines which, if not careful, can turn potential shopping sprees into mediocre moments of daily rote jobs. Love the moment!

Do we not find the church the most brilliant, popping, and exhilerating place on earth? Did not Jesus say he came to give us life and go give it abundantly? And don't we think being of "million dollar gratitude" would fit the abundant description?

We are on one huge spending spree every day, folks. Notify your heart and your face and your step. Wake up early and get on the with the celebrating. We have spending to do!

Don't you just love getting to be you?


Stoogelover said...

You, more than anyone else, have modeled the excitement of an ordinary day that, with Christ, is never ordinary! Love and appreciate you, brother.

Jeff Jenkins said...

Terry - You're contageous!

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Your excitement is exhilarating!! And I know what you mean. I just love church! I never want to miss it and can't wait to get there! If it's this exciting here, we are going to absolutely giddy and beside ourselves when we get to heaven!! I can't wait!!