Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Forward With A Focus

I love right now! Kingdom opportunities are everywhere! As leaders we are challenged to know where He leads. There are three main areas of Kingdom work I sense God's call for my followship:

1. The Memorial Drive Congregation
I love this church with all my heart. I dream about it and
for it every day. Because of the leadership freedom I get to
be around, I find I am still able to dream some of the wildest
stuff and just see "if" it just might work. I know the name of
every member and care for their personal thrill of feeling
connected to the mighty workings of God. It is my focus to
charge this flock with too-good-of-news-to-be-true every
time they hear me speak.

2. The Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop
I have felt for a long time I was called to Tulsa for the
purpose of influencing and impacting the workshop. It is
more than a buzz. It's a Holy Spirit calling. I love it,
believe in it, am still enamoured with it. I see God get more
done with me in three days than the rest of the year
because of the adventurous spirit of a renewly ignited

3. The younger ministers/leaders in the church
I am not old, yet. However, I am older than many which is
exciting. God has given me a keen eye for the new guys on
the block. Three work on our staff at Memorial. There are
hundreds and hundreds arising. We are in good shape
brotherhood-wise as to the future men and women being
groomed. I want in on it. They have my attention.

Yesterday I received an invitation by Free Indeed to go to Africa with them next summer. How good would that look on my resume`? Mom would be proud! However, I declined as I want to do a good job with the three things above. That doesn't mean I'll never go to Africa. It does mean I can decline without feeling pressed, guilty, or like a failure who appears disinterested in global evangelism.

Are you feeling good about your direction? Do you feel it's becoming clear as to your mission? Mine evolved over time with Him. I never wrote out a personal mission statement....but rather I noticed He had developed one for me. Much funner!


Anonymous said...

"Are you feeling good about your direction? Do you feel it's becoming clear as to your mission?"
I would have to answer this question as Yes. I feel good...but tired and disconnected. It's all a choice to take our lives in the direction that God leads us and sometimes...that will cause a bit of discomfort for a period of time but it is rewarding in the end.

I have worked on 2 things in my life....a contract for my life....and a mission statment that I'll share with you:
My life contract is:
I am a strong woman with love and power, resting securely in the arms of God.
It took me A LONG TIME to get to a point in my life where I can say that proudly.

Now my mission is living a life that makes an impact, a difference so and that others know me for whom I am, not what I can accomplish.

I may do many great things in this lifetime, but I want people to remember me as a God fearing woman who has passion and glory and seeks to glorify Him in all I do.

If others could see me this way, I know that I have accomplished my goal.

Love you Terry!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen!! Kingdom opportunities are everywhere. I get excited just reading about what is going on in Tulsa and at Memorial.

I too believe God put you in Tulsa for a purpose. The workshop would not be the same without your help and direction. May God continue to bless you and the workshop staff as you continue to bring Christians together every year for 3 GLORIOUS Days of renewed excitement and celebration of Jesus Christ.

I am excited to be a part of the Highland Oaks Congregation. I have never felt so connected to the Lord's work and God's people as I do here. We have great leadership as well who are not afraid to imagine any and all possibilities. And Tim Spivey is one of those younger ministers who God has richly blessed us with. His excitement and fire for the Lord is contagious. Tim mentioned in a sermon several weeks ago that Highland Oaks is known for change. Not change just for the sake of change, but not being afraid to change direction and follow where God is leading. He said we have two traditions at Highland Oaks, The Lord's Supper and Change. What a great place to be!!

You're right, it's more exciting to see where God is leading and working and just jump on! We are in for a great ride! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

First of all let me say that I loved reading Brenda's comments above. Having known her since she was a child and myself a teen, I can say she is well on her way to her goal! What a great heart she has for God and I love her sense of humor and her laugh!! My comment is this, I thought I knew my mission, but things are not working out so well. I am waiting for some clear message of healing, change and direction. It is difficult because I know I can get in the way of what God wants. If you read this pray for me. Terry, can I go to South Africa in your place? Although my kids probably aren't ready to let me go yet. Love you so much and thanks for blogging about your passions. I still look at your baseball card and smile. Lynn

Robert said...

I'm glad to know the International Soul Winning Workshop will continue to be an ongoing ministry and passion of yours.

I was shocked and saddened to hear that the Garnett Church will no longer be helping shape the direction of the ISWW. I will continue to pray for the ISWW and offer my service and gifts to glorify God through this ministry.

Terry Rush said...


Thanks for your note of encouragement. We'll keep the workshop fires going as God seems to bless our efforts there.

I am not aware that Garnett will no longer be helping shape the workshop. I know they are taking a break from their '08 year. Memorial is gladly covering for Garnett that year.

Wade and Greg and I have been in touch even this week as to their concepts and valued input.

Wade said...

Terry--thanks for all you do. We really appreciate you guys helping us out in 08. Like you said in your post, we're trying to be faithful to what God has in store for us right now. For us, that means taking an extended break from the workshop. What a blessing to know that the workshop won't miss a beat because God has positioned Memorial to be able to take it in 08. I look forward to continuing our partnership over the long haul. You rock.