Friday, December 15, 2006

Fiery Friday...Impact People

We throw no water to kill dreams. On Fridays we toss gasoline to grow even greater fires of effectiveness. Today let's comment on two or three (or four) who have made benchmark impact on our lives.

LANDON SAUNDERS preached in a sermon in 1978 that Jesus came to work in the marketplace. My view of Jesus improvedly shifted to living where we live. Awesome sermon.

TROY SINGLETON, in about 1979, taught us that Jesus was so normal he had earwax and stomach cramps. I've never forgotten yet another improved concept of how Jesus related as a human.

WILLIAM BARCLAY wrote that the believer tends to only begin a ministry where he/she can start and finish the project. If one is traveling through New York and meets a waitress seemingly interested in God, Barclay points out many believers tend to not reach to her because they will soon be out of her life. Then Barclay points out the Holy Spirit knew how to put such a believer in her path and knows how to follow-up with the next believer to continue the conversion process. It opened my eyes to His working so vastly beyond my imagination.

LLOYD AND LUCILLE ERNST transformed my fear of reaching to the lost. They showed me how to reach, how to let God do the converting, how to believe their are masses who still want to know about God. I didn't believe it at first. They patiently stuck with me. Lloyd and Lucille taught me to believe everybody wants to be saved somewhere along the way.

Who impacted you?


Jeff Slater said...

The place was the Heartland Workshop in Indianapolis. I forget the year (it was summer after your daughter's fiance was killed).

You preached a keynote message titled "The Call."

It changed my life.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There are so many!
My parents made a huge impact on me as a child. I'll never forget the day that my dad went forward with me and baptized me. It was such a memorable day for me. The sadness is that none of my family attends church any longer. I still hope one day...that impact he made on me...will come full circle and I'll make an impact on him.

Kaye Rucker: This woman was not only my mentor, but has become one of my best friends in life. I can't imagine a moment without her. She has...and continues to guide me in the right direction which is Heaven bound! She had a HUGE impact on saving my marriage 4 years ago and I owe her so much more than I can give. But she knows...she has my heart.

Anonymous said...

The Tulsa Workshop was the biggest impact in my life. I felt so much like I was missing something in my spiritual journey but didn't know what it was. Then I went to the workshop! I realized after the 1st workshop 12 years ago, that what I was missing was people that are excited about Jesus and feeling that excitement myself. I remember hearing Marvin Phillips, Jeff Walling and of course you Terry for the 1st time. And of course worshiping with Free Indeed. My spiritual life was forever changed. Worshiping God and studying is word is soooo exciting!! Who knew :) No matter who else is at the workshop, Terry, Jeff, Marvin and Free Indeed are still at the top of my list!

I also have to say that the "Experiencing God" study by Blackaby had a huge impact in my spiritual walk as well.

Stoogelover said...

Perhaps the biggest single influence in my life was time spent at Harding Grad. I learned how to study the Bible for myself ... and my view of God went from totally legalistic to totally grace!

Otherwise, my wife has had and continues to have the deepest impact on my life. There have been so many here at Long Beach who have shown me depths of spiritual trust and faith that I never knew existed. To name them would mean nothing to people "out there" but I see their faces and appreciate them on a daily basis.

Terry Rush said...

Hey Stoogel Over (wasn't that a funny comment?)

Really good to be in touch. Hello to Janice and the kid stars.

Amy G said...

Angie Burns pops to mind. She has been an encouragement and a friend to me through many years. She has not been afraid of the hard topics, and has a heart full of love. You will know a tree by its fruit, and Lord knows this girl is fruity!
Kim Rush also comes to mind. She has a gentle kind presence, and it is encouraging to be around her. I think she is an amazing mom and very beautiful person. Her last name may be Rush....but she married into it.

David U said...

Jim Woodroof preaching the Beatitudes, Mike Cope preaching Righteousness Inside Out, or watching Dr. Farrar live.